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Happy new year everyone. This is a little something for a story I have been working on for a very long time. I am rewriting Wonka Games with Indigo and Violet. I love the character too much to leave her in a mediocre unfinished story.

Lots of new characters and transformations along with inflations..


Many years ago... 

Michael Bucket walked through the corridors of the Chocolate factory. He couldn’t believe he still had his job. Slugworth and Prodnose were stealing Richard Wonka inventions all over the place and the workplace was now depressing. As soon as they were designed and before they could even be copyrighted they seemed to be on the shelves. The Company had seen better days. There were changes afoot all over the factory.

Emily Goodwin was always flirting with him but he was happily married and was also a father. But she was a good friend and he would always have a soft spot for her.

‘Michael, hold up wait for me… how is Joe is he still sick?’

‘Yeah we caught a bug and won’t be to work for a few days. Do you know what the meeting is for?’

‘I think it’s just another scare fest. We have done all we can to stop, at this point he is just being cruel.’

The two walked together side by side as they entered the meeting assembly line. The room was filling up for what had become a weekly ritual of abuse.The factory was adding new floors, digging down and all the staff were surprised at the changes. It felt like a small city these days, almost self sufficient. Wonka was doubling down on his expansion. He was not running scared.

To make matters weirder, the lights were still on at night and when Michael came to work in the morning there were new machines and sections open and operating.

‘Have you heard about the restricted sections? I was walking towards the 2nd floor cafeteria and I was told I could go no further by a security guard. I saw him later on and he apologised and said he has a new supervisor he has never met and all the guards are ordered around on their radios’ Emily said.

‘Who is here at night? The late staff were the first to be let go. They were the ones who were blamed for all the leaks?’ Michael added.

Emily gave a blank expression in response. They joined the rest of the staff in the main assembly. Everyone was standing around in anticipation but Mr Wonka was nowhere to be seen.

 A curly haired young man walked out from a restricted door and walked towards the dais. He was joined by a leggy redhead who was smiling gleefully as she walked.

‘Is that Willy and Raina?’ Emily said.

‘Who?’ Michael asked

‘Mr Wonka’s kids, they were meant to child prodigies’

‘What do you mean meant to be?’

‘They had quite the mean streak. Let’s just say no schools would take them after the stories got out. They used daddies money to travel the world and apparently struck it pretty rich’.

‘Diamonds, Oil…Gold?’

‘Don’t know but they run a small tropical country that only a few western explorers have ever set foot on. Its meant to be filled with all kinds of new resources.’

Willy Wonka was very sombre looking as he began to speak :

‘Last night at 8.47 our father Richard Wonka died in a horrific accident in the Inventing room. He will be sorely missed…. But now on to more important matters, myself and my dear sister have decided after much thought that your services are no longer required. You have overseen the destruction of this factory and the once proud Wonka name…. Raina please… I cant…’

Willy stepped away and his sister took the dais. He looked tired and emotional as he composed himself and awaited his sisters words.

‘We debated how you should all be punished for your sins and then I decided no that would be to good for you. I want you to meet some of my creations they are here to usher in a new era… Where there shall be no forgiveness and well I don’t want to spoil all the surprises’.

Raina stepped down and Willy and her walked quickly towards the raised exit and the doors closed. There were three other doors to the room and they were sealed shut.

Michael felt Emily grip his hand and looked her in the eyes.

‘Why did they scare us like that? My hands are shaking… Michael what a way to lose your job, I have a good mind to sue them.’

‘You and the rest of us’ spoke another voice…

Michael was terrified.. They all thought this was a joke. It did not feel like one at all.

The rumbling and sounds of over 300 people suddenly began to quieten as a new sound started to come from behind the doors.
















The doors opened and small muscled creatures poured into the room. They grabbed the women and carried them out of the room, to the sounds of pandemonium and screaming. Michael lost track of Emily as the crowd was shoved towards the back wall. As the minutes passed he was almost certain he heard her cry out his name as her voice was silenced as it exited the room. Michael Bucket was one of the last men alive in the room when they finally came for him.

I went back and added a bit more to my last story. Mainly backstory, dialogue and one extra encounter. Grammar also updated. Am looking at old stories. Will update and possibly finish some of them soon.

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You can do it, can't you?' Indigo asked.

'If you can get me the money I can get you inside' I smiled coyly as I put out my cigarette. The waiter walks by the table and clears away our drinks.

'Its not a playground you know. No one has ever been in there that Wonka hasn't let in' she said assertively.  

'How little you know dear girl, I have been inside before hence why we are having this conversation.. I know what I am doing. We find your sister if she is still alive and we get her out. Understand'.

'Yes, but how are you going to get us in'.

'Easy, I have this'.

'What's that'.

'Four years ago Wonka ordered a special key to open up and have full access to his factory and he gave that key to one Charlie Bucket. I stole it, copied it and returned it'.

'Okay so when do we do this'.

'Tonight. We go in find the evidence meet my reporter contact and get the that information out into the world as fast as we can. Dress appropriately'.

She gets up and walks out. I study her as she leaves. There is no one following her and that is the way I like it. The last thing I need is for a client to have a tail. I open the dossier I have compiled and have one last read through. This cover up makes Watergate look like...well a chocolate factory tour.  

I had been hired by a young lady named Indigo Beauregarde whose sister Violet and several other teens had gone missing under massively disturbing circumstances. I was a Private Investigator who went by the Pseudonym Jake Bullet.

The girl Indigo had been 14 at the time of the incident 6 years ago and claimed all matter of deformity and depravity had occurred on the tour. I was as yet unsure. As ridiculous as her claims were I was able to corroborate certain things and well she was paying me. I checked that I had everything and put the dossier back in my trench coat. Whatever tonight brought I would be ready for it.

We met outside the main entrance after dark, two swipes  of the card and we were inside. The interior was brightly lit as well as being meticulously organised. Indigo went straight for Wonka's office and gestured to me. I swiped the card and the door opened. She went straight for the written archives and I went for the computer.

'You said the last time you saw her was in the Inventing room shouldn't we start there'.  

'There must be a record of the visit, there must be a paper trail. Plus we might find something else useful in here' she replied.

'Not with Wonka, but maybe Charlie kept a journal of the events'.

I find a digital handheld device which seems to have a scan and identify feature. I pocket it realising it will make our job easier. I look over at Indigo.

'Let's move'.

We leave the office and begin moving down the corridor, we quickly notice a glass box in the middle of the hallway. It is rather large and looks like a telephone box.

'What's this'

'That's the great glass elevator, according to this scanner device anyways' I reply.

'Sounds like a quick way to get around. Inventing room here we come' Indy says as she steps inside the machine.

She presses the dial and the large glass device floats off the floor and zoomed off towards or destination. We were moving at a high speed and abruptly turning rising falling and bending around corners. But there was no noticeable gravitational effect on us inside the machine. Indigo didnt seem to note this and considering her frame of mind I didnt see a point in informing her.

'So she actually turned into a human blueberry' Wow I actually just said those words. Talking to her about Newtonian physics was wrong but blurting out what happened to her sister that was fine. It was moments like this I realised I hated my brain.

'No just a blueberry, there was very little human left'

There was a long pause

'She had a face, hands, feet and such the last I saw of her' she added..

We traveled through an inner tunnel system and abruptly appeared outside the room. We disembarked the elevator and walked inside the room.

'Is that the machine'.

'Yeah, but it wasn't there last time'.

I grab the journal of active devices on the wall and the Three Course Meal gum is now discontinued.
I look in the compartment and find a single strip of gum in there.

'The last piece it would seem. I wonder how it actually works'.

'Why don't you eat it and find out'.

'It's clearly faulty but I need more evidence before I can believe your theory'.

'What's that noise' I ask as I hear the rhythmic sound of approaching singing individuals.

'Oompa Loompas. Run hide'.

I had heard to these dwarf like creatures and was not impressed, it sounded like a bad trip but there was no doubting that something was coming this way and I liked not being seen or discovered.

We remain perfectly still behind the machine waiting for the threat to pass. Afterwards we looked over the room one more time.

Inventing room details

'No sign of her here anyway. we better keep going'.

'Is that the corridor'.

'Yeah. I saw her rolled around this corner never to be seen again'.

As we walked along the shape of the room changed. The wall and floor began to bulge and the floor supports were collapsed, crushed under the pressure of some huge weight.
There were  imprints of hands and feet on the walls as we walked along.

'Was this Violet'.

'Maybe. It happened to twenty other Oompa Loompas apparently'.

I stop and take a few pictures. I see one that looks like there could be a partial finger print.

'If I can get a print off this then I can compare them to Violet's later'.

We approach a heavily damaged floor. It looks like many dents have been hammered out but the damage is significant.

'This is eerie, like getting to a battle and not knowing which side has one'

'Sorry Indigo, but until we do something about it it is pretty damn clear which side has won'.

The Juicing Room

We enter the room cautiously. I swipe the card again to deactivate any security.
The room is amazing. It is bigger than the Chocolate Room. 8 Large clear vats appear on the ground and above are large hoists for supporting whatever blueberry creature was being juiced at the time.

'Looks like fun. S&M all the way' Indy says.

She is using humour to disguise the tension, smart girl, good copping mechanism.

The room is quiet and clear. There are airflows and scents being blown into the room but there is no disguising the smell of blueberries.

'It almost feels like it just finished juicing someone' I add.

The machine hadn't been used in years, I bet the process is so destructive that the effects linger long after the event.

The Vats the closer I looked, were lightly stained blue. The Glass was meant to be clear and was still see through but the discoloration was noticeable.

'I don't even want to know what happened in this room'

'That's not why I am paying you' Indy replied.

'Don't worry, we are finding breadcrumbs as we move along. We will put it together soon'.

'Where? this was the last place I know she was, this factory is endless, we could be here for days'

'Indigo, I paid to get us in and out. We are not spending longer than another hour or so'.

'Alright then, let's go find Wonka.'

'No Fucking way, we are going to the Surveillance Room and we will find out what happened to her, then we can go to the media anonymously'.

We return to the Glass Elevator and speed off towards the Surveillance Facilities. Servers and fans and large machines of different sorts blink past us as we enter a new area of the factory. Finally we come to a complete stop.  

The Rooms are dark and emitting a dark green glow. LED and other flashing lights from devices flash and glow as we approach the main information terminal.

I put in the time stamp for the day of the tour and wait to see what comes up. I locate a file on each of the Children and highlight them. I click into Augustus Gloop first as his file comes up first.
The file contains footage of Augustus in the Chocolate Room and then in the pipe. I highlight a file labelled aftermath. I am nauseous before I get to the end of it.

'Fudge. He turned into Fudge. They cooked him. Those Bastards'.

'Now Violet's file. Open it now'.

I think about asking if she is sure but realise better than to question. I click into the folder. There is photos and videos of Violet pre and post the gum and a highlight reel of what happened between the Inventing room and the Juicing Room. There was also an Audio file from a Dr Rao. I clicked the Audio file to play.

'Journal February 17th. Subject Violet Beauregarde. I continued my examination of the creature after the 4th day of juicing. The young lady continues to not respond to the juicing however the juice is much appreciated from the Inventing Room staff. She continues to inflate and deflate after the procedures. We have tried boiling the juice inside her, freezing it and her and have even attempted using other means which even I found abhorrent.

Journal April 12th. The Subject took a violent turn during the juicing the previous night. Since the Juicing regimes have become an almost hourly occurrence now the skin membranes have been stretched to almost breaking point. Well today it finally happened. I had always theorised how it actually worked and how the subject was held together. Well Violet Beauregarde went supernova this morning. 100 litres of Blueberry juice is still clogging up maintenance and electrical..'
I stopped the recording. I couldn't even look at Indigo but I transferred the files to a disc and made ready a quick exit.

I get a message on my phone.

'That reporter friend of mine has just set up at the gates and is waiting for us'.

'That was fast'.

'Always pick a contact that needs the help, that way they are less likely to leave you in the lurch'.

That comment had brought Indigo Beauregarde back down to earth and she collected herself and made ready to move.

'Wait we still don't have all the story, what about Mike and Veruca?'.

'You said we would be in and out as fast as possible, no distractions' Indigo replied.

'I know what I said but we need a full story, without it they hire a spin doctor and suddenly we are the criminals'.

I turn to face an Oompa Loompa at the door, he is staring at me with the most sickening 'I got you' smile I have ever seen.

He is stoic and steadfast. I can tell he may be small but good luck against 3-4 of him. Hopefully there are no more behind him.

Indy is frozen in shock I know she is remembering them handling and fondling her sister and rolling her around like a mere object.

The Loompa finishes looking me over and stares at Indigo.

'Ah the crazy sister, come back looking for dear old Violet. You are dead for this, I can promise you and your fate will be far worse than hers'

I move in front of Indigo as she gabs hold of my left arm. The Loompa advance towards me far faster than he has any right to move. I am almost blindsighted.


I look down upon my hand, the revolver drawn and the barrel smoking. My ear is still ringing and the Oompa Loompa now has a hole in its head.
Indy looks at me oddly.

'I thought the tough guy thing was just an act'.

'Yeah I am really just a pussy cat. Talk about sound travelling, there is no way that shot went unheard. Okay my bad. It is time to go. We need to get out of hear, we have enough, lets see them spin this story'.

Back into the Glass Elevator and a roof breaking crash followed the floating box as is flew towards the front entrance. There was a camera crew and reporter waiting patiently as the elevator flew down towards them. The sight of them scurrying around and camera's pointing towards the flying glass box made me giggle briefly. This was far to seat of the pants for my liking.

'This is Roxanne Reynolds reporting for GTS News at the Wonka Chocolate Factory, where long time conspiracy theorist Indigo Beauregarde claims she has the proof that she has been looking for all these long years'

'The now infamous tour in which Indigo herself was the only survivor of the children, the rest were lost tragically when they tried their everlasting gobstoppers or so the parents claimed. Indigo always disputed this even from a young age and said the parents had been warned that far worse than a few teens would be lost if they tried otherwise'

'This story was always believed to hold an iota of truth to it until she got to the point where she described what happened to her sister on that fateful day. By her recollection she tried an experimental piece of gum and turned into a blueberry.... You heard me right ladies and gentlemen, she turned into a blueberry apparently. Well a contact informed me that she would be breaking and entering the factory today and stealing the information necessary to prove her story. So she is either going to jail or going to be vindicated. We will be right back after this commercial about Cat Iphones'

'and we are back.You should be seeing images of a flying elevator, which will shock and amaze some viewers but not others. I hear rumours of such things but it is a sight to behold'

The elevator lands and Indigo disembarks.    

She walks up and grabs the microphone from Roxanne.

'I everyone, are we live' Indigo asks.

'You just came out of a flying elevator of course we are live'.

'I have been called crazy and unhinged ever since I was a child because I believed something other worldly that I couldn't prove. Well today I have proof, but I know that even that is not enough so live on air for all the world to see I am going to show you what I saw happen to my sister.
Indigo looks at me and asks for the gum. I toss it to her and nod goodbye. I have done all I can and am in no mood to see what happens next.

She opens the wrapper and begins to chew.

'What's it taste like'

'The taste is amazing, just like Violet described'.

'Wow this is the highlight of my career, watching a girl eat gum, what is this the 1970s. Jerry cut the camera and send the link back to studio'

'...Don't you dare.....ahhhh....blueberry pie and cream. Mouthfuls flowing down my throat'

'Jerry close on her face, her nose is blue' Roxanne ordered.

Indigo was turning light blue. Her nose was dark purple now and spreading slowly. Her freckles over her arms and face had turned Indigo and as she continued to chew the gum in between chews you could see her tongue indeed her whole mouth was now blue.

The cameras were circling her now, she was the centre of attention and had now become engrossed in the chewing of the gum and was no longer responding to Roxanne.

Slowly her short blonde hair started to hue a darkish colour and soon is too was also blue. Hell even her eye lashes were now light blue.

The blue skin tone covered her entire body as she began to expand. She looked horrified but unable to stop chewing as she felt her sides surge outwards. But this was not at all like Violet had expanded. Indigo did not have time to experience the discomfort like Violet did. She felt her lips and cheeks surge outwards as she belly and ass swelled and the cameraman and reporter stepped back and moved away.

'There are no words to describe what is happening here ladies and gentlemen. Some might call that bad journalism but if they want to stand next to an expanding blue girl well they can'.

Indigo surged out as the ball form took shape and destroyed her jeans as her legs retreated into its surging self. Her white panties tore as her vagina touched the ground and was mostly obscured from view. The trimmed crotch hair was still visible however, lighter than its darker surrounding skin.

The Juice was surging out of her now filling up everywhere it possibly could. Her arms were now gone as her hands circled around trying to find something to grasp. Indigo felt her head rise ever higher as she increased in size. Another huge rip and her top was gone, its bra along with it. Her nipples were now prime time TV. They were darker than the skin around them and looked very moist.
Indeed her whole body looked hydrated and seemed to almost be sweating juice.  Her head was in a precarious position as she felt is realigning to look up towards the sky. Now she felt her neck retreat into her body and all of a sudden her chin was cramped up against her once trim torso.

There was no camera's looking at the factory but if there had been one they would have seen a very old man look very worried indeed.

This all took less than a minute to change and she was still swelling up, fifteen feet tall and wide, then twenty. The viewers looked glue to their screens as they saw the blue form continue to expand. There could be no doubt about whether she had been right or wrong now. All that remained was to see what would happen next. Her swelling form continued to expand as her attendees moved ever further away.

What would happen to the girl now? Well that is another story.

This story Is kind of finished, sort of. I may go back and add interesting fates for Veruca and Mike and some more detail.
The Sisters' Revenge
This story features my original character Indigo Beauregarde. The younger sister of Violet. Denise Nickerson is Violet in my eyes, So Indy is closer to Anna Sophia Robb. She made an appearance in the Wonka Games, which I want to finish but well you all know at this stage I am worse than George RR Martin. 

Had loads of fun writing this
Just discovered b-ridge's Wonka Story. Really amazing stuff. Love the transformation element. I hope to submit some new work soon. 
Hi Guys, sorry about the quiet time, I have some good news and some bad news. My computer Harddrive was corrupted and I lost alot of in work stories and work in progresses, but as a result I intend to actually rewrite and finish one of them as a result. Some of the stories have been gathering dust for years including

Juicing Room Part II
Violets Adventure III

More recently Wonka games is added to that list and since it is recent and I am trying to create a new Heroine thats where I am putting the effort.
Juicing Room Part II will never see the light of day if I dont think it can stand up against the first one.
Violets Adventure I want to finish but I was in a really comedic place at the time and if I finished it now there would be a complete tonal shift so i will wait till I think i can finish it.
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mman Featured By Owner Edited May 1, 2016
I certainly don't mean to push anything you may be working on, seeing your last journal post, though it has been quite a while since you have posted anything. You had written quite a few really interesting stories in the past. Is there any chance you might pick up writing again? I would love to see something new from you after all this time.
efdg Featured By Owner May 4, 2016
Thanks for the comment. Will try and put something together. Having been working on my Indigo/Violet story for about 2 years on/off now. But since I have written quite a few stories at this stage I am not putting up anything until it is 90% finished and I think it is good enough. Thank you for the comment and feel free to enquire again to check on my progress.
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Hey , I just came here for a bit of advice . I plan on doing a story sequence that will be 10 stories long . I know that you are one of the best inflation writers here so do you have any advice .
efdg Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2015
Firstly thank you for the compliment. Much appreciated. 

Second. Why the hell do you want to write such a long story. I could maybe imagine doing 4 but more than that is very tough.

Okay now for the real stuff. Check in my folder for a story about how to write good inflation. But in addition to that do the following.

1. Composting is when you are slowly thinking of ideas away from writing and they develop over time. You keep the god and discard the bad.

1. Choose your characters and develop personality.

2. Try and come up with a new spin on an old idea.

3. Enjoy your work. If you dont enjoy writing if, no one will enjoy reading it.

4. Come up with some form of plan or structure.. you can change it as you go but it gives you some sort of purpose.

5. And this is the one I am the most guilty of... Finish your story.
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