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This is part of my ongoing project to introduce new characters and locations to the Wonka Blueberry Verse. If you enjoy please fav and comment. Messages and notes are also appreciated.

All Characters in the story are in their late teens. 

Hey Guys a heads up. I changed Cornelia Prince Meadows name to Connie. Cornelia just does not work outside of an English boarding school.

 Writing a story with a protagonist with no name is tough... But on the flip side self inserts are so much fun. For the writer and the reader.

Not sure if any story I have ever written has been rewritten as much as this.

The following is a story inspired by my reading of  and then I just ran with it. I also wanted this story to go several different ways so... This story has at least three endings. That's right three. At about the 3/4 point of this story lines will converge. Certain mysteries in one story will be answered in another. Basically my character is the fly on the wall who reacts to what is going on. Please enjoy. I loved writing this.




After the Factory

A cold and quiet waiting room. The piercing silence occasionally broken why sighs of relief as more news broke.

'She is safe and alive and you know normal sized.. are you sure I can't get you anything..'

'Thanks Steve I am good' I replied.

'Will you please call me Fishface...'

'You are a grown man and your name is Steve. How is Mike anyways...'

'He has his NBA contract ready to go, or WWE' at least. He is not laughing about it yet but give it time. 6'10 is serious height but he will be okay. They gave him a sedative he never felt the stretching and he was pretty out of it. Have you spoken to her yet'.

'No. I talked with Indigo. She was with her the whole way through. I think she was as scarred as Violet by the process. She didn't give any details but I... Christ what the fuck happened in there.

'Can you believe they are cheering Charlie and that Monster for all he has done'.

'It was an elaborate game to him and I think they all knew it but the stakes we too high. Can you imagine what would have happened if they were a few years younger'.

'Global fucking meltdown.  Blood on the streets, maimed children. It would be the end of Wonka'.

'All we can do now is help them adjust at least Violet and Mike have people who care for them. The fat ass, the bitch and the Peasant have no one by their sides. That is the real measure of a person. Do they have any friends'.


Two Days Later



She was standing outside the house reading on the patio. Not the Beauregarde I was expecting. Indigo Beauregarde was reading on the swing seat as if there was not a bunch of journalists skulking around the area.

I always believed in non violence but seeing the bottom feeders at work really annoyed me. It took everything I had to not throw abuse at them. It would just feed the news cycle for another five minutes. It was amazing that the story hadn't finished by now. But the First Human Blueberry Transformation was big news. Did it really happen. How could anyone possibly recover from that trauma. It was disgusting.

Indigo saw me approach and smiled. She was a year younger than Violet, blonde and athletic. We were both on the track and field team in school and I had long had a thing for her before I fell for Violet. Indigo was one of my closest friends while Violet was my girlfriend.

She put her book away.

'You look like you are about to impale one of those cameramen' she said as she smiled at me.

'No. I couldn't stop at just one, You up for some Javelin training'.

'We were terrible at that' she giggled.

'Exactly, that would be our best defence, no one would believe we could hit them on purpose'.

'Don't make me laugh, I am trying to drive them away with pure rage'.

'How is she' I asked. I was standing next to her.

'She will be fine. They got it all out. She swallowed the gum, it was touch and go for a while.  But she pulled through. She was asking for you the whole way through it... I heard you were waiting with one of Mikes friends' she motioned for me to sit down next to her.

'Yeah Fishface and I got to know each other. Cool guy, Mike will be fine. He was given a sedative before they stretched him. From Six inches to 6.10. I don't even know how that was possible. He is going to have a few surgeries and be okay'.

'Glad to hear it. Violet and Mike are the first ones to get to go home'.

'When is she going back to Classes' I asked.

'Tomorrow. That is when you will be needed. We stick with her at all times and we fucking kill anyone who looks at her like she is a freak'.

 'I am ready to go. Poker face is on'.

'You haven't asked the big question yet, How does she look. Is she blue. Is she a giant blueberry'

'Indy.... I care for her so much. We had our issues but when she went through that gate and then it slammed closed.. I was terrified and I realised I love her.'

I snapped. It was too much. All these fucking emotions and trying to hold it all together. Tears were coming down my cheeks.

'I know. Come on lets go inside,  I have a plan for tomorrow and there is still a lot I have to talk to you about'.

Violet was a big fan of Katy Perry and Taylor Swift her posters and style covered her room. She had been a huge music fan for years She had been on the Glee club before her former best friend Connie Prince Meadow forced her out. The room was empty. Indy sat on her bed and looked up at me. The room had been cleaned..It was never clean. Indy started to talk.


'She took one look in the mirror and flipped. Dad took her to a psychologist  and when that didn't work my mother the over achiever took her out to a stylist and probably a cosmetic surgeon'.

'Jesus... Indy.. What happened in there. The media reports have been crazy'.

'She was squeezed and kneaded like a baker works dough. She was giant and bloated and barely human anymore. All that Juice had to come out. What we didn't expect was that she would not be the same Violet we all knew and loved afterwards'.

'Her skin was dark purple, by the end of it. They administered mysterious concoctions and serums throughout the process, to stop the gum reaction, to lighten her skin tone and to remove the excess sagging skin'.

I was shocked into silence. This was a joke, this was a badly written Monty Python sketch but I knew she wasn't lying, and she wasn't finished.

'After 3 hrs and everything she had been through when she was almost back to her original size...'

She made a gesture with her hand.

'No way.. She did not start expanding again' I exclaimed.

'Far larger and quicker than before. Violet expanded to the size of this house. She lost all shape and became a round ball. Bursting at the seams. At least that was the moment Wonka finally acted. Violet was hoisted up on a crane and her mouth was pried open. Several Wonka staff were lowered into her to seek out and find the gum and freeze dry it. Large metal girders were placed in her jaw to prevent it closing.

You have to understand that at this point. I wasn't looking at my sister anymore and Wonka was extremely worried about the factory exploding. None of us knew what was going to happen next.

Twenty minutes passed. Four Loompas went into her mouth and then there was nothing. There would be an occasional bulge as you could see one travelling down her veins like a tunnel and then just as soon as you noticed it... it would disappear.

Then she stopped expanding. I looked at Wonka and asked him: What now. He said the gum would be extracted and that the Loompas would plant trackers around her body to monitor and speed her recovery. Then they started to make their way back out.

Violet's mouth was wedged open and air hoses and miles of ropes had gone inside her. All they had to do was travel the correct courses back to her mouth. It all seemed so normal. That was when the crane started to struggle. The weight was too much. The first of the two hoists snapped and she was dangling. Then it gave way. She fell ten feet and bounced. The mouth gag of solid steel girders broke and her mouth closed and her teeth destroyed the ropes and air hoses. There was a chain reaction all  across her as the juice displaced from the impact. One screamed as he must have cracked his suit and drowned quickly. Another climbed out of her nostril was she was bobbing from side to side.

This was the moment I realised my sister was still alive even though all I had seen had been a giant blueberry. One Loompa had ditched his gear in the back of her nose and clambered out before her rocking sent him back down to the depths below.

Violet started to make noises. Mumbles but that was nothing compared to the DUN DUN DUN that now filled the room. It was like a giant bass instrument. Wonka spoke up at this moment.

'A good. The young lady's heart has re started that should move things along nicely'.

'Mr Wonka how can we possibly get all that juice out of her. How is she still alive'.

'Well my dear young ladies are quite durable and you would be surprised what they can go through. But she is far too big for her own good so here put on these goggles'.

I barely got them on before a massive FLASH!!  filled the room. Violet had been maybe 50 Feet tall before and round and then she was gone. She was shrunk down the same way Mike had been. Accept Violet was now Six feet tall. All she needed was to be juiced again. This time the gum was out of her and they knew what was going on inside her.

Slowly but surely she retook her form. The Scientists seemed to know what would work and what wouldn't this time. When her head, arms and feet reappeared I breathed a sigh of relief.

 I was a wreck of emotions at this point and I could finally read Violets emotions too. She was trying to say something. Finally I saw it. as Her belly got smaller I saw it. He was still inside her. The final Loompa must have had a reserve oxygen supply. One of the doctors grabbed a scalpel and I almost wasn't fast enough to stop him.

 Wonka was outraged and sent him off. He said he knew the risks when he went in. It was the only moment I felt he cared. I think he hadn't really expected to save her but since he had spent time and effort he wanted something to show for it.  

He was six inches across and after a while he left her belly. Apparently there was a safety mechanism so that six inches was the smallest a living organism could shrink to but it did mean he could no longer travel through her veins.

Violet soon began to vomit up some of the ropes and hoses as she looked more and more normal. Her skin was dark purple with patches of dark blue. She was able to be rolled again. She was brought to a warm Jacuzzi and dropped in. The result was almost instantaneous.

The beautiful clear water was stained blue. Then it was drained. Violet lowered to the bottom of the pool. Then they bound her arms and legs. The pool was filled with water again. I was just in pieces now. I had nothing left. I couldn't act. I was just drained. They filled the pool up again. I could smell it too. There was bleach in there. This was when Mum finally spoke up. Violet was trying to keep her head above the water when it filled her lungs.

'That water smells like bleach'.

Wonka said that it was and that it was the only way they could lighten her skin. He said her insides had blue on them too and needed to be removed. They emptied and filled the pool several times Violet panicking each and every time and she would cough up so much liquid afterwards but she never drown. It always felt like it was touch and go. The water got lighter blue after each treatment.

Another half an hour passed and she started to speak. 'I feel weird down there'.

Her Extremities were darker than the rest of her and her breasts and Vagina were leaking a very thick juice. More like Jell-O.

After another hour she was kneaded and juiced to her old self. Her skin was now the lightest shade of blue but it had also been whitened a lot by the skin bleaching. It looked unnatural like a blue milk or blue ice cream.

That was when the loompa started to breach her labia. With all the pulling and squeezing she had lost all her hair there and she was very tender to touch. She spasmed with every touch. Cooling pads were placed over her as she lay on an inflated mattress.

She started to mumble as she felt him trying to get out. She had been administered powerful paralysis drugs as her body had to remain in its state to heal. This meant her vagina was closed for business. She couldn't express her emotions but we knew they were forced screams. The Guy didn't make it out. When  the drugs wore off he was surgically removed. Although by that point it was a fairly simple operation. After that we all got to go home'.

'How can you say these things and still function' I had been standing near the wall and felt myself fall against it.

'Because I am afraid that I might wake up and still be in that factory still watching what she went through. Violet is out and safe and we are going to make her forget everything about it or help her deal with it'.

'Indy, we both know who is going to give her the most grief tomorrow'.

'Miss Connie Prince Meadow... tomorrow might be the day I break that little bitches face in two'.

'Alison Fisher says she has had the entire Glee class practising songs since Violet won the ticket'.

'Cornelia was so angry when she won the ticket I though her head was going to explode. Any ideas?'

'Kidnap and torture her?'

'I think that's frowned upon these days'

'Do you want to stay and wait for her'

'More than anything in the world. But... No. I need to make tomorrow special and that needs planning. Also I need some time to process all of this and What the hell do I say to her. Hi Violet I am glad you are not a blueberry anymore, want to go to the mall?'.

'That actually is probably your best bet. Has she been texting you'

'Yeah we started messaging this morning when Sam gave her her phone back. No real heavy stuff just acting like it didn't happen'.

'She wouldn't shut up about you yesterday, she is going to be mad she missed you, but I get you need time to filter the info. I think Vi would be okay with me telling you everything'.

'I will be texting you throughout the night. If there is anything else I need to know get in touch. I am going to go see Alison now.  See you at the track in the morning. I am going to leave this note for her.


8 am


Bright and early and time to train. I was at the track waiting for Indy and Violet. I had been there ten minutes and was warmed up. The track was quiet as usual. Just the long jump and hammer throw teams getting an early start also. It was a bright September day and a beautiful morning.

Indy was wearing her loose fitting training gear, there was not an ounce of fat on her. The Tight V neck black and red top fit her snugly and her shorts were dark grey and tight fitting.

I had started my warm up and was a little sweaty. Violet was wearing black jeans with a white lightning pattern going down the leg. A pink top and her black leather jacket. She had her hair tied back, a base ball cap on and sun glasses. But it was her. I hadn't seen her since she walked towards the gates that day. It was a bright morning now too so I couldn't see her skin all that well. It was the first time in forever I saw her wear something that didn't show off her belly button.

'Hey gorgeous, did you read my note '.

'Shut up and hug me' Violet said.

We embraced. I never squeezed anyone so hard before. I didnt know whether to be honest with her or be overprotective. Honesty seemed to be my first thought.  

'You feel the same as before. No weirdness I swear. Can you take off the glasses I want to see your face and your beautiful eyes'.

'Flattery will get you everywhere' she replied.

 She took off her glasses. Her face was paler definitely and light blue but she was still Violet. Her eyes were not brown anymore, they were purple.

'One last thing. Can I see your tongue' I asked.

'I told you Sis, eyes like a hawk. Her tongue is still well... pretty purple' Indy replied.

Violet stuck her tongue out at me.

'Looks pretty Indigo to me'.

Ha ha, very funny Casanova' Indy retorted.

Anything else different about me' Violet asked.

Your ass still looks fantastic, you have curves everywhere and I cannot wait to see what else of yours is blue..' (Did I really just say that).

'Okay you two... time to break this little event up. Violet I need to train with your boyfriend and you need to read up on your assignments'. Violet took a seat on a bench by the tracks and Indy and I started our regime. She was reading a book about human anatomy. She was now living proof that most of the stuff in those books was probably bullshit, or an the very least one narrow perspective.

The training was hell. But I felt amazing. Violet was safe and Indy and I were back to our old routine. Alison went over and joined Violet as we trained. Violet had been one of the most popular girls in the school before the ticket although she had dropped in the pecking order when Connie turned on her. Alison and Connie were the queens of the school, but i knew Indy would take over next year when we all graduated.


By 12am The Cafeteria


Alicia was talking with Violet and seemed to be really interested in making her feel like nothing had changed. They had both been in a very short lived band the year previously. I noticed some people looking at her but mostly it seemed normal. She was pale blue and that was it. If I was honest I thought most people would find her more attractive this way. There was no big tabloid headline. Do real drama for anyone to find. She had the first delivery of Chocolate arrive at the school and handed out to every student. She knew how to make friends, but she did have atleast one enemy.

Then Connie walked up to her.

Hi there Bluebe...I mean Violet. You look a little.. what is the colour again..'

The conversation drifted on like that for a while, I could only make out bits as I was getting food on the opposite side of the room to the conversation. There was a group of people gathering to watch the interaction. Alison was glaring at Connie but she didn't seem to care.

I could see the anxiety growing inside Violet. Her skin seemed to be darkening slightly. People were staring again and starting to giggle.

I was about to speak up when I was beaten to the punch, Literally.

Connie heard something over her shoulder, turned and got a gut punch right from Indigo.

'Listen you stuck up... no good bitch... stay away from my sister or the next one will break your plastic nose.'

Connie's boyfriend Jonas was standing right there and was frozen. He was taller than I was. 6'4 and about 20 pounds on me. But he did not know what to do with Indigo who was all of 5'9.

'Violet and Alicia got off and scurried back towards the gym. I avoided eye contact with Connie and gathered my stuff and moved off.. I planned on saying something but the crowd had gone back to their own conversations now that they had received their drama.

'That was a good punch. Would love to see an encore' I tapped Indy on the shoulder in congratulations.

'You are about to' she replied.

'What do you mean'.

'Mr Wilkinson is walking towards us'.

'Who is that?' I asked.

'Mr Wonka's familiar?'

'Oh right cause he's a vampire... I sometimes regret showing you the Blade movie. Although better that then Twilight I suppose.

'Violet loves Twilight, anyway shut up. this guy is serious'


'Where is Violet' Mr Wilkinson directed towards Indigo. Violet and Alison had just turned a corner moments before and Wilkinson was scanning the room. Eventually his gaze landed on me. I felt like I was being probed.

'Around' was Indy's reply.

'This is important Ms Beauregarde. Her status monitor has been going odd for several minutes now. I think the stress is affecting her'.

'Well she has to get used to stress..I mean the gum is out of her'.

'Even a mirco particle could cause her to relapse'

'We don't want any help from you'.

'Don't be stupid and heed my warning. You do not know what could happen to her., At most there is enough gum in her system for one maybe two more expansions and if that occurs she will need to be juiced again. I would not think anyone would want to go through such a thing if it could be avoided. The outside world is not as maintained or sterile as the factory there is the potential for cross contamination. You need to be made aware of this. Wonka is watching but he is not quick to act as the tour highlighted. You will need to know what to do and when to do it.

 The gum is still inside her. Hence her pigmentation. She must consume this vial if she expands again. The sooner the better.

Indigo is aware of the Juicing procedure however it is not clear how her expansion would occur again. It may not be the same as before. I don't imagine her reaching the same size again. You can make the process a lot more pleasant for her if you like.

Wonka does not believe you require this information, he wants to just keep working away on a cure all formula for his mistakes, however I am sure he will succeed but not before several possibly large failures. So do not expect any help from him.

Charlie and Wonka are not making a great team shall we say. The cleanup of the visit is having far greater repercussions than anyone ever imagined and I wanted to make sure everything was okay here.

The Senate Oversight Investigations are continuing and I am looking to either set up my own company or find work elsewhere.

I have been named acting head of the factory while the investigation is ongoing. Augustus is on medication and being force fed through a tube, and Veruca has gone psychotic.

Violets juicing was unlike any other we ever had. None had ever been that successful and to be honest I was amazed Wonka let her leave the factory. You need to be aware of the dangers she may encounter and that we know very little about her unique transformation.

This watch contains the sensor information about her current condition and these vials vaccinate against the potential reactions. Open them and drink them to inoculate yourselves.

(It was a small vial of clear liquid. I opened the lid. It smelt like aftershock. Being 18 I drank it without much thought. Indigo glared at me for drinking something from a stranger).

'I wish the two of you success in your endeavours and if those Vials just so happen to increase your athletic performance then win-win. One last thing, your biology teacher Professor Daniels is a former employee of Wonka Inc. He was a freelance medical researcher and I have forwarded him Violets test results. He is more qualified to treat Violets condition than her own Doctor'.

He turned and walked off as we stood there stunned.

'That is so much information to process in one conversation. Why does that keep happening to me?' I exclaimed. 'But wow does that stuff taste good'.

'I thought it was over when I got out of that place but its following me everywhere' Indy added. She punched me in the arm for drinking the liquid.

'You wouldn't have lasted five seconds on that tour now come on we need to get back to Violet.




Nurse Lily Chapel was looking over Violet. She was doing her best to act normal. Nothing about Violet was falling within normal guidelines.

'Whats the Verdict' Violet asked.

 As Nurse Chapel finished Professor Daniels walked in to the room. He glanced at Violet and smiled, he then made his way to the table and continued to listen in.

'Did they talk to you about well everything, I just finished reading your file myself' Nurse Chapel asked.

'I was told everything would normalise over time and that everything I did could speed or slow it down. They said you and my Doctor would be given copies of my prognosis'.

On this Professor Wilkinson elected to speak.

'Violet, I worked in that factory for 7 months and I would not believe a word they said, I have looked at your bloods and vitals and I think you are going to be fine. The biggest factor in your recovery will be stress and avoiding it. (He rose from his chair and approached her).

You are one of the brightest in my class but you have always divided your attention, You know how to take your blood pressure and check your heart rate. Your health is your responsibility and I promise you will be back to your old self. Now have a lollypop'.

'No Sugar to my Patients, Professor I want her mind focused and fun filled'. Nurse Lily took one final sample of Violets blood and placed it in cold storage. It always felt that Lily was incharge and not Professor Daniels.

'Now go and kiss that attractive boyfriend of yours before he gets away' Nurse Lily flashed a smile at me and a cheeky wink.

She saved my life once. Last Spring the swim team was down four people and Indy and I tried out. One day in training I was running and slipped 'Bang' head off the side of the pool and into the water. I woke up 3 minutes later being given mouth to mouth by Nurse Lily Chapel, her Red hair filling my gaze. She was 22 and god's gift to every student who got injured. Her smile alone I think healed the sick.

'I got her covered Nurse Chapel' I replied.

'Okay Guys, that is us, now go and do immature teenage things and don't worry about the consequences' were her final remarks as we gathered our stuff and walked out. Violet had Geometry and Indy and I had subjects in the other side of the school, Violet joined up with Peter from the swim team and walked off.


The Speaker system came to life at this moment.


Hello everyone this is the nominations for this year's Autumn President:

Alison Fuhrman

Jenna Grace

Connie Prince Meadow


Violet Beauregarde...


'What the hell' I said as we walked down the corridor.

'I know. Jenna Grace. I should have got more votes than her. I call bullshit' Indy replied getting back into her social school mode. She had been quiet sister in the Nurses office.

'Did Violet sign up for it?' I asked.

'You don't sign up, You write in'.

'She just won the Golden ticket remember. She was the most popular girl in America'.

'God, What if she wins, She is not ready to be the centre of attention just yet'.

'Maybe. But the Vote will be in a few days. I mean everything will quiet down by then and Alison should pick up the Victory'.

'No, that is a sign from above and I am clear about two things. Connie is not winning even if I have to screw every boy in the school and we are going to start campaigning to make sure of it.


Violet was fine. Just a little anxious and stressed on her first day back. Alison was with her when she heard the announcement, they were both meant to be rivals to the prize but it seemed like they had come to the same thought process Indy and I had. There was going to be a dance. A big dance and it was going to be epic. A real night to remember.

Fast forward to end of First Week Back

The next week continued much the same as before, out routines got back to normal and Violet seemed to responds well to her physio therapy and recovery program. She was 5'8 just shorter than her younger sister but she was not athletically built, certainly not now anyways. She was not overweight but now had extra mass on her boobs, hips and butt. To me those were all pluses but not to Violet who was working out harder and eating less and doing everything to try and lose the extra 5lbs or so.

We hung out like we always did, but always in her room it seemed, Her skin seemed to be clearer on some and not on others. If it was a bad day it was Netflix and Chil.. Yeah in my dreams, Sam Beauregardes over protectiveness was worse than ever now. He was putting on a lot of Chocolate weight which Scarlett was not a fan of.


3 Weeks Later



'All set for tonight' I asked.

'Yeah I will be around to pick you and Indy up at 7 and then you and Alison will meet up at the doorway to highlight again that you are both the two coolest people up for the nomination. Have you got an acceptance speech just in case'.

'Mom wrote one,  Indy ripped it up and the two of us came up with something. All I want is peace and quiet tonight'.

'Oh so no room for a fun boyfriend then. okay then I will see you some other time..'

'Save your sarcasm for tonight babe....See you soon' the call ended.


I pulled up to the school at 6. My suit was perfect and I had everything I wanted. I dropped some of the guys off and we stashed alcohol around the school. I was planning for many options for tonight. I knew if Connie won we would need to run for the hills and if Alison won it would leave us free to just have fun, if Violet won there would be a lot of pressure on her and it might not make for a night for us.

 Violet had been doing much better and tonight was going to see her become Class President. I was as sure of it as I could be. What started between Indy and I to stop Connie  had morphed into a real strategy for Violet as she socialised more. Alison, Indy and myself had campaigned for Violet in quiet and the free chocolate bars had helped a  lot too.  At least her tour had been good for something. Connie and Jenna had campaigned really negatively and no one in the school had responded well to it, The cheerleaders I had spoken to said it was either Violet or Alison. Although there was talk of a potential write in choice, but that was really unlikely.

I walked into the Science Lab and Lily was finishing up paperwork. Professor Wilkinson was typing away on his computer.

'Knock! Knock!' I said as I walked in.

'Someone cleans up well' Lily said to me.

'Yeah, less than 2 hrs to go, I just came to get some information, but I don't really know how to ask. Or Is I am afraid to ask better regarding plans for tonight and how Violet is doing'.

'It's Sex right? You are wondering if Violet is physically able for it' Nurse Chapel was giggling at me.

Professor Daniels looked up.

'Her bloods are falling back into a normal range now. She seems better focused and physically stronger. She has lost some of the extra weight and her skin is turning back to normal. She still responds negatively to stress and seems to swell up again as less as flush blueblood through her blood vessels. It is up to you two to decide if the moment is right, but if she wins then see what happens. Now I need to get ready to chaperone for tonight. Miss Rachel is going to be there and I am not letting you whipper snappers  be the only ones having fun tonight' He walked out of the room.

I was left with Lily. She was looking sharp in a black dress.

'You look like you are going to break some hearts tonight too?' I said honestly.

'I will be the DJ for the night. I will also be the one who announces the results.  Have you got everything you need?'

'I think so. There are only so many things you can plan for but I have a good group ready to handle any of the outcomes, Can I ask if you know who won'.

'You can ask. But I am not going to tell you. Anything else'.

'Just one last question'.

'Yes I would recommend a lot of alcohol, just don't let me or anyone catch you with it'.


7pm Beauregarde Residence


The side door was open and I walked in as normal. Scarlett's two daughters were going to have a big night and even Sam seemed quietly calm with the uplifting atmosphere. I walked down the corridor back towards the front door waiting.

'So how do I look' Violet said from right behind me. I turned around slowly.

She looked so different. She was wearing a blue dress which cut off above her hips. Her full form filled it out and her curves were accentuated. Her hair was cut short to her shoulders and bangs down to her forehead. It looked a lot like how Indy wore her hair minus the colour. She looked so different from how I had ever seen her. Her skin now looked almost completely normal but that was make up. I was stunned.

'I think that look on your face says it all. Wait till you see Indigo. She looks like a real woman and not a professional athlete. She is wearing an actual dress'.

'Violet, be nice to your sister, she always looks out for you' Scarlett said from the living room.


'Indy can we come in' Violet asked.

'No. I will be right out' she replied.


Two minutes later the door opened and Indy walked out. She was in a black dress. But her hair was purple. It was a wig I was told. A really expensive wig Scarlett insisted. Indy was thin and toned. But my god did her ass look great in that dress. Indy always seemed to smile more and had an infectious personality as demanded by her mother. She was the overachiever in almost everything she did, but unlike Scarlett is matched her personality and never came across as insincere.

'Wow. Who's the lucky guy then?' I asked.

'No time for men tonight. Either Violet or Alison wins or I Riot'.


I pulled out the Sambuca and waved it. My suit felt like I could hide anything in there.

'This is for later. Lets go and make this a night to remember'.



Lily Chapel had the result card in her hand. She was set up on a separate stage just to the left of where the Winner's podium was on the main stage. She was surrounded by lots of wires and electrical equipment.


'And the winner is Connie Prince Meadow'

The four of us seemed to freeze in unison. How in the hell had this happened. Oh all the people it had to be my ex and Violets old friend. But then again Connie did have a lot of influence, and now we were all going to have to listen to it.

'Wow. I mean, just oh my gosh. This is amazing. I can't believe I am up here, but I did promise you all that if I won that I would spread the news that nobody has been willing to talk about. My fellow nominees, well first Jenna you have been through a lot recently so I won't get into it in any great detail, but you owe me bitch.

As for Alison Fisher, she has whored herself out to the entire year at one point or another, no sorry she actually has lead the entire year on and still acts high and mighty. But Violet Beauregarde wait till I tell you about that big fat blueb...

'Oh sorry, everyone I  forgot to add the one. The real winner is Violet Beauregarde' Lily cut across Connie speech.

The entire hall froze in surprise, Connie's mouth was gaping open. Lily Chapel you are the greatest, Nurse, DJ, announcer.. everything ever.

'Yeah sorry my bad' she continued. Connie was now glaring at her like nothing I had ever seen. She collected herself and then began to descend the stage slowly.

My heart was thumping out of my chest. I had my arms draped across Violets shoulders as she leaned against my chest. I could feel her body temperature start to rise. She was now the centre of attention. Indy was already flying up the steps as Connie finished descending the far side. Indy reached the podium.

'Are we heading up' I asked.

'Wait and see' Violet said. She was breathing slowly and deeply just like Professor Daniels had been telling her.

'Hi everyone. You all know me, or you should since I will be the one winning this next year, either this or Prom Queen, or both. My name is Indigo Beauregarde. What a night! So much has happened and much more to come. But thankfully sanity has prevailed... Before Violet comes up there are a few things that need to be said. are my big sister and you were always an inspiration to me, even when I hated you. You have been through so much and you didn't lose yourself to it even when I had lost hope. To everyone who voted for her, thank you, she is brilliant and will do an excellent job. To Nurse Chapel, your sense of music is almost as good as your sense of timing. I love you Bitch.. Oh sorry, You Rock is probably safer. To Connie and Jenna thank you for making this easy for everyone to make their choice and Alison you are one of my best friends and we are going to get so.... drunk tonight. Okay everyone your Autumn formal winner Violet Beauregarde'.


Violet grabbed my hand off her shoulder and whispered in my ear.

'You did this to me and now I need you to walk up these stairs with me. Don't let go of my hand'. She said with a perfect mixture of jest and seriousness.

We both began to glide up towards the stage. The crowd was now clapping in unison. Single long claps at intervals as we rose towards the stage.

Indy stepped down from the stage and took my other hand. She raised it as Violet stepped up to the Podium. The crowd cheered thank you Dream Team towards Indy and I. The Track and Field Team had that moniker going back decades. Indy curtseyed to the crowd. She was happy  drunk but was still graceful for the moment. She grabbed a hold of me after a few seconds and whispered in my ear 'You know we would make a good couple right?'.

Now. She chooses right now to tell me this. Violet had begun talking and I couldn't focus on it. Indy groped my ass before grabbing my arm again as I just stared forward. There was no right way to handle this. Fuck.... My Girl Friends sister and my best friend, why was this happening to me. Was she serious. Yes of course she was. Body language words and actions all said the same thing. Fuck. eyes forward.

'....thank everyone who helped me, from Alison Tyler to Professor Daniels  and Nurse Chapel, or DJ Chapel tonight. You are all brilliant. I will make this work and give this school the attention it deserves...'

Violet stopped talking and looked down at the podium. There was something on it I couldn't see it.

'Wow. I guess this is it'.

Violet picked up the wrapper. It was her old gum. The brand she used to eat. She looked at it, and then...

'I guess there is just one thing left to do. I am putting all my problems behind me and focusing on having fun. Thank you again for everything and let's make sure this night is special'.

She began to chew the gum. She seemed awkward at first but got back to her old rythm. The whole school was watching her. Indy and I stepped forward so we could see the side of her face better. A couple of seconds past..

'You know what. I think I don't need this stuff anymore, I mean I am not afraid of it but I am okay without it'

She took the gum out and rolled it up in the wrapper and dropped it in the trash bin below the podium. It looked like a weight just lifted from her shoulders. The crowd cheered as Violet stepped down.

'You have alcohol?'

I nodded, and gestured to the curtain. The music had started up again and most people were beginning to dance. Indy let go of my hand and walked away.

Violet and I danced slowly towards the curtain. Her hands on my shoulders and my arms on her thighs. Her eyes were glowing in the strobe lighting.

'How do you feel' I asked.

'Like I never want this night to end. How lets drink'.

We finished the bottle behind the curtain and were giggling like mad. There was a bunch of sofas from theatre props and Alison and a few others came up to congratulate Violet as we chilled. The music was amazing and the alcohol kept flowing. I took my jacket off and draped it over Violet.

'I need to find some more alcohol' I smiled, turned and walked off. The hall was buzzing, and I was much to sober for my liking, at least that was what I thought. It seemed like a struggle to move through the crowd.


I had to find Indy. I had to say something to her. She walked off right after we left the podium. Someone tapped my shoulder as I walked through the crowd. It was Nurse Chapel. I looked  towards the DJ stand and saw someone else there.

'Taking a break I asked?'

'I am not the only one. Have you spoken to Indy yet...Don't give me that look, I know desire when i see it. You haven't been hiding it well'. She did a twirl for me that really showed off her ass. No one else seemed to notice.

(Now I know what you are thinking. oh this poor guy, the 3 women he finds attractive want him tonight all he has to do it go with it. But well, I have this thing called ethics, and it really is a fucker).


'I have a little present for you. The teachers' lounge is locked up for the night. Here is the key, I have a few things set up in there and if you want me to go with you all you have to do is wink. I didn't but I did kiss her cheek and hug her thankfully.

'Not tonight. But thanks for everything. Have you seen Indy'.

'She left a little while ago. If it is her you want ring her now, if not go to Violet. Maybe in the summer after you graduate might be a better time for us'.

She turned and walked towards Chad Andrews the school running back.

I moved back towards the stage. Alison and Violet were walking down holding each other's hands. She looked straight at me and smiled.

'I am yours in every single way tonight. You are the most radiant and beautiful thing I have ever seen' She was so happy looking right now.

Alison smiled at me and hugged me.

'She is ready, take it easy and you will both be fine' Violet was congratulated by a few other revellers.

'Alison. You Saw Indy right, how much trouble am I in'.

'You are in no trouble you lucky SOB. She was drunk and you two are closer than anyone in this school, oh course she want you. She will call you in the morning to apologise and will feel so sorry for putting herself between you and Violet'.

'I started dating Violet because Indy wasn't interested in me that way'.

'That's now it goes sometimes now I need to find Peter Quinn before or DJ for the night does. Have fun'. I slipped her a small vodka bottle which I had forgotten I had. She slipped off and I moved back towards Violet.

'Where are we going' Violet asked.

'Track and field building or teachers lounge'.

'Lead the way..'

I am not going to lie. How we left the hall towards the main building is a blur. There was a lot of nearly falling over. A lot of enjoyable accidental groping and singing.

The key worked perfectly and we locked the door right after.

The sofa was perfect and there was champagne on the table next to it. We didn't need it. We were both energized and ready. I took my shirt off as Violet slipped her shoes off.

'I want to thank you so much for everything you did for me and I love you so much for not only that but for making me feel safe and loved as well'.


We were in a trance as we explored each other. She bit my ear as I squeezed her ass. Little by little she was sweating blue. I licked it off of her as we rolled across the carpeted floor. She slipped the straps off her dress and slid it off her body. Her boobs were glorious and perky. They were bigger than the last time I had seen them. Her body was losing the blueness. I didn't need to say it Violet could feel it and she was getting more energy as I was starting to slow down. This was what Professor Daniels said might be the final thing to cure her, potentially.

She got up and suggestively moved towards the champagne. I used this time to take off my pants. There was blue juice on my chest. She grabbed the champagne and opened it with and strolled back to me standing above me. All she had on were her pink panties. She poured the bottle over her breasts and let it drip down. It passed her panties and fell on my face. I am not a fan of champagne normally but this was different. The blueberry after taste made it worth it. It was subtle but distinct. I reached up and grabbed her thighs and pulled her panties off  slowly with my teeth. Violet drank deep from the champagne as her panties fell to her knees and stopped.

I smiled up at her. She beamed back down at me. She was groomed with a wonderful patch of shaved pubic hair. The room was beginning to turn into a blue aerosol with the heat. The vent was really working to clear it up. But we kept going on as if there was only us in the world.

I licked her pussy and grabbed her ass cheeks. She encouraged me further as I stuck my tongue in. She tasted salty and sweet, better than sambuca. Minutes past and when Violet stopped moaning I lay back down on the ground. Violets hands lay above my head as she rubbed her breast against my face. I grabbed them with my hands and squeezed into my mouth. Juice was shooting out as Violet seemed in a trance. After her breasts were empty and smaller I lay her down on the floor.

The air was saturated with blue moisture. I had to turn the fans to full power to clear the room. It took a minute or two. Violet was glancing in my direction as I wiped some of the juice off my body. I was juicing her. The last bits were coming off her. Her whitening makeup had run by this point but her skin was clearer than it had yet been when it was still there.

'Ready to finish with a bang' She said as she got to her feet. 'How do you want me. Front or back'.

'Hands against the wall. I need to check you for foreign contaminants'.

'What kind of foreign contaminants officer, I have been a very bad girl'.

I kept thrusting. she kept sweating. Her boobs were getting smaller as were her hips. Had she been losing weight since the tour but unable to shift that last bit of blueberry weight. As her moans grew louder I stopped a moment. I was close but Violet needed another few minutes at least. She turned her head towards me and I kissed the side of her cheek. She tried to bite my lip as she nicked it. I felt the juice from her lips seal it almost as quick as it started bleeding.

Thank god I drank the antidote when Wilkinson offered it. This stuff was potent. Violet turned towards me as I grabbed her arms and fixed them above her head. She slipped into kiss me and I released her and grabbed her ass. She lifted her legs and wrapped them around me. I pressed her against the wall again. Violet did the complicated adjustments and slipped my cock back inside her. We drilled against the walls for several minutes. I could feel her contractions as she moaned. She looked normal now as I was about to come I felt something else rubbing against my penis. It didn't matter and I came, Violets breasts rubbing against me. It was wonderful and I had helped fix her.

We leaned against the wall and slid down. The air conditioner had cleared the room. But the white walls now had a little blue on them. We could hear the music still playing in the distance.

'It was good wasn't it. I think I am going to miss my busty body'

'You still have a busty body  just not as busty. Violet put a finger in her vagina. She  pulled out the last small piece of the gum. Her vagina still looked blue-purple but as I wiped a hand over it. It seemed to wipe off.

'You are back to normal. Like it never happened, Mrs Beauregarde, now what do you want to do next'

'Back to the party, dance a bit more and maybe see what normal sex is like afterwards'.

'Sounds like a plan although I think that it going to be hard to beat'.

We dressed and went to the closest bathroom. We cleaned ourselves up a bit and made our way back to the hall. It looked like someone had set up one of those dry ice machines as the ground had a blue mist running across it.

'What has happened here'.

'Where is everyone'

'I think we missed something big. You don't think that this stuff came from...'



Hey Guys this is the end of Ending one. This is the Violet ending. As to what happens next you will see that in one of the other endings. I thought about having her expand again but then I thought I did a good job letting Indigo narrate the experience and I wanted Violet to win on her own terms for once. Worry not. There are twists and transformations coming. The new endings will be posted below here.

They will all take place at the moment Lily Chapel announces the winners so you don't need to read my long set up again. Tune in again soon for the Indigo ending. Those who fav the story will be automatically informed when I make changes to it.





Violet Returns
Oh Yeah this story was inspired after I read:…

So a shout out to him also. 

I think I have given good notes up above at the start and the end of the story. Not sure if this is me back writing. There is just one last big story i know I have in me but I have been wrting that for almost 3 yrs and I am maybe 50% done. That story is Indigo and the Chocolate Factory or Wonka Games in my folder. What I have submitted is probably going to be changed drastically but I dont see myself finishing it until I think it is good enough. Hope you enjoyed this story, and the alternate endings.

Happy new year everyone. This is a little something for a story I have been working on for a very long time. I am rewriting Wonka Games with Indigo and Violet. I love the character too much to leave her in a mediocre unfinished story.

Lots of new characters and transformations along with inflations..


Many years ago... 

Michael Bucket walked through the corridors of the Chocolate factory. He couldn’t believe he still had his job. Slugworth and Prodnose were stealing Richard Wonka inventions all over the place and the workplace was now depressing. As soon as they were designed and before they could even be copyrighted they seemed to be on the shelves. The Company had seen better days. There were changes afoot all over the factory.

Emily Goodwin was always flirting with him but he was happily married and was also a father. But she was a good friend and he would always have a soft spot for her.

‘Michael, hold up wait for me… how is Joe is he still sick?’

‘Yeah we caught a bug and won’t be to work for a few days. Do you know what the meeting is for?’

‘I think it’s just another scare fest. We have done all we can to stop, at this point he is just being cruel.’

The two walked together side by side as they entered the meeting assembly line. The room was filling up for what had become a weekly ritual of abuse.The factory was adding new floors, digging down and all the staff were surprised at the changes. It felt like a small city these days, almost self sufficient. Wonka was doubling down on his expansion. He was not running scared.

To make matters weirder, the lights were still on at night and when Michael came to work in the morning there were new machines and sections open and operating.

‘Have you heard about the restricted sections? I was walking towards the 2nd floor cafeteria and I was told I could go no further by a security guard. I saw him later on and he apologised and said he has a new supervisor he has never met and all the guards are ordered around on their radios’ Emily said.

‘Who is here at night? The late staff were the first to be let go. They were the ones who were blamed for all the leaks?’ Michael added.

Emily gave a blank expression in response. They joined the rest of the staff in the main assembly. Everyone was standing around in anticipation but Mr Wonka was nowhere to be seen.

 A curly haired young man walked out from a restricted door and walked towards the dais. He was joined by a leggy redhead who was smiling gleefully as she walked.

‘Is that Willy and Raina?’ Emily said.

‘Who?’ Michael asked

‘Mr Wonka’s kids, they were meant to child prodigies’

‘What do you mean meant to be?’

‘They had quite the mean streak. Let’s just say no schools would take them after the stories got out. They used daddies money to travel the world and apparently struck it pretty rich’.

‘Diamonds, Oil…Gold?’

‘Don’t know but they run a small tropical country that only a few western explorers have ever set foot on. Its meant to be filled with all kinds of new resources.’

Willy Wonka was very sombre looking as he began to speak :

‘Last night at 8.47 our father Richard Wonka died in a horrific accident in the Inventing room. He will be sorely missed…. But now on to more important matters, myself and my dear sister have decided after much thought that your services are no longer required. You have overseen the destruction of this factory and the once proud Wonka name…. Raina please… I cant…’

Willy stepped away and his sister took the dais. He looked tired and emotional as he composed himself and awaited his sisters words.

‘We debated how you should all be punished for your sins and then I decided no that would be to good for you. I want you to meet some of my creations they are here to usher in a new era… Where there shall be no forgiveness and well I don’t want to spoil all the surprises’.

Raina stepped down and Willy and her walked quickly towards the raised exit and the doors closed. There were three other doors to the room and they were sealed shut.

Michael felt Emily grip his hand and looked her in the eyes.

‘Why did they scare us like that? My hands are shaking… Michael what a way to lose your job, I have a good mind to sue them.’

‘You and the rest of us’ spoke another voice…

Michael was terrified.. They all thought this was a joke. It did not feel like one at all.

The rumbling and sounds of over 300 people suddenly began to quieten as a new sound started to come from behind the doors.
















The doors opened and small muscled creatures poured into the room. They grabbed the women and carried them out of the room, to the sounds of pandemonium and screaming. Michael lost track of Emily as the crowd was shoved towards the back wall. As the minutes passed he was almost certain he heard her cry out his name as her voice was silenced as it exited the room. Michael Bucket was one of the last men alive in the room when they finally came for him.

Hi Guys, sorry about the quiet time, I have some good news and some bad news. My computer Harddrive was corrupted and I lost alot of in work stories and work in progresses, but as a result I intend to actually rewrite and finish one of them as a result. Some of the stories have been gathering dust for years including

Juicing Room Part II
Violets Adventure III

More recently Wonka games is added to that list and since it is recent and I am trying to create a new Heroine thats where I am putting the effort.
Juicing Room Part II will never see the light of day if I dont think it can stand up against the first one.
Violets Adventure I want to finish but I was in a really comedic place at the time and if I finished it now there would be a complete tonal shift so i will wait till I think i can finish it.
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